Peabody Massachusetts Are You Ready for Winter? How a Shed Can Help


The Classic Garage is a great space for storing your stuff, or even for engaging in your favorite hobby.

Peabody Massachusetts Protect Your Summer Furniture with a Shed!


Our Workshop model is ideal for multipurpose use.

Peabody Massachusetts Important Items You Can Store in a Shed


Great for hobbyists or DIY’ers and built to last, the Addison Garage is the perfect companion to your home.

Peabody Massachusetts Why You Need a Shed

Hi Barn

The Hi Barn is the perfect high capacity choice.

Peabody Massachusetts Choosing Materials for Your Shed


With a double-hinged side door and carriage style garage store, you’ll have no trouble storing or retrieving your most used toys.

Peabody Massachusetts Ideal Storage: A Handmade Shed


This two story garage is the perfect solution to your storage, and parking, problem.

Ready to Order?

For the convenience of our customers, orders can be submitted over the phone as well as via fax and by visiting our production plant located in the heart of Amish Country.

We require a 50 percent deposit from all customers at the time of order, and the deposit must be paid using a check or charge card. The balance is due on delivery and can be paid in cash as well.

Peabody Massachusetts Don't waste money on paid storage. Buy a shed instead.

Individualized Attention

Our design staff can work with you to determine your exact needs from a new outdoor structure.

Peabody Massachusetts Custom Designing Your Unique Garden Shed

Customized Designs

Create an ideal space for storage and functionality using a range of materials and layout options.

Peabody Massachusetts Think of what a new shed could do for you!

Quality Craftsmanship

Our utility structures are crafted to the Amish standard to deliver decades of reliable service.

Peabody Massachusetts How did we ever live without this shed?

Fast Production

We can have your new garage ready for delivery within 4 weeks in most cases.

Peabody Massachusetts Sheds for All Seasons

Onsite Delivery

We can ship your new structure directly to your property once fully completed.

Peabody Massachusetts Sheds to Match Your Vision

Precision Positioning

Our SHED MULE delivery device allows hassle free placement of your structure.

Who Needs a New Garage? Depends on What They Do
Peabody Massachusetts The Shed: An Anti-Clutter Solution

Doris A. Wright

I'm always finding a new use for the Workshop garage I decided on. It makes a great little outdoor storage unit and a convenient craft space for working on paintings and sculpture.

Peabody Massachusetts Sheds for Every Household

William T. Cole

The design team at Waterloo was a big help throughout the process. They suggested the Hi Barn to me due to my space needs, and I have to say it was the ideal suggestion for me.

We are the BEST choice for
Amish Garages Built On Site in Peabody, Massachusetts.


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Information for Peabody, Massachusetts

Peabody, city, Essex county, northeastern Massachusetts, U.S. It lies 17 miles (27 km) northeast of Boston. Originally part of Salem, it became part of Danvers in 1752 and was separately incorporated as the town of South Danvers in 1855. In 1868 it was renamed to honour the philanthropist George Peabody (1795 - 1869), who was born there. Glassmaking, which was long an economic mainstay, began there as early as 1638. Tanneries were established before the American Revolution, but the leather industry declined in the latter part of the 20th century. The city now has a diversified economy, producing medical imaging equipment, scanners, and other electronic devices. Brooksby Farm is a recreational area owned by the municipality. Inc. city, 1916. Pop. (2000) 48, 129; Peabody Metro Division, 723, 419; (2010) 51, 251; Peabody Metro Division, 743, 159.

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Peabody - Why You Need a Garage With Automatic Everything! Articles

How Much Are Premade Garages?

Pre-Made, or Prefabricated, garages are certainly a serious consideration when an individual is contemplating a relatively inexpensive and easy garage type of scenario to add to his or to her house. Typically, huge amounts of time can be conserved by opting for this particular route. And a person does not need to feel like he or she has no choices with this type of garage structure either, since a great variety of designs are available from which to pick. In this article, we examine the various factors surrounding prefabricated garages themselves, and what these types of structures end up costing a consumer who is interested in them.

Which Pre-Made Garage Kit Ought to Be Bought

There are a number of different elements which must be decided on, when people choose this type of garage. From what materials will the garage itself be made? Or, more simply put, which premade garage kit ought to be bought? These two questions are definitely connected. To answer them, we need to pose some additional questions. Do you prefer wood over another type of construction material? What is the year-round weather really like where you plan to put up this new pre-fabricated garage? How many garage doors are you interested in having as part of the total package? All of these questions must be completely considered and answered in advance of choosing a particular garage kit to buy.

Pre-made Average Garage Kit Prices

The final, total cost surrounding a pre-made garage kit will revolve around several factors indeed. If you pick out a wood pre-fabricated garage over a metal pre-made garage, then, as you might realistically expect, the prices will vary considerably. All else being equal though, you might anticipate having to come out of pocket around $14,000 for a wooden based pre-fabricated garage, versus about $4,900 for such a garage made out of non-wood alternatives, such as steel or other types of metals. Naturally, the final price will include considerations like whether the individual will install the new pre-made garage himself or herself, or hire a trained professional to do it for him or her instead.

Self-Installation Versus Professional Installation

The truth remains that a number of pre-fabricated garage kits are especially intended for the uninitiated to put in on their own, without professional installation. Such an individual is able to set up this type of garage generally in but a single day. As the item is delivered to the customer already pre-built, this does not prove to be difficult for them to finish themselves. One time when a professional contractor's help will likely be required is when you want to have electricity involved in your new garage package. If you choose to have an automatic garage door opening device as a part of it, for example, then you will likely require an able electrician to assist you in doing the necessary wiring that it would have to possess.

Typical Electrician and Contractor Professionals' Expenses

You will certainly find that the wages for such professionals' aid varies widely, relevant to the city, state, and region of the country in which you reside. Giving out a single, accurate estimate for all locales of the United States for electricians and contractors is no easy task, therefore. Still, a working number that you might anticipate paying for a certified construction contractor would be around $27 per hour. If you feel that you will need the assistance of a capable, certified electrician as well, then you should be prepared to add another $25 per hour to the price tag for the complete installation job.
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