Williamstown Massachusetts Give Your Property an Instant Upgrade with a New Shed


The Classic Garage is a great space for storing your stuff, or even for engaging in your favorite hobby.

Williamstown Massachusetts No space in your house for a man cave? Get a shed.


Our Workshop model is ideal for multipurpose use.

Williamstown Massachusetts Too Many Gardening Supplies? A Garden Shed is the Answer


Great for hobbyists or DIY’ers and built to last, the Addison Garage is the perfect companion to your home.

Williamstown Massachusetts Stop overstuffing your closets and get a custom made shed.

Hi Barn

The Hi Barn is the perfect high capacity choice.

Williamstown Massachusetts Need to Downsize? A Shed May Provide the Answers You Seek


With a double-hinged side door and carriage style garage store, you’ll have no trouble storing or retrieving your most used toys.

Williamstown Massachusetts Caring for your elder parent? Make room with a new shed.


This two story garage is the perfect solution to your storage, and parking, problem.

Ready to Order?

For the convenience of our customers, orders can be submitted over the phone as well as via fax and by visiting our production plant located in the heart of Amish Country.

We require a 50 percent deposit from all customers at the time of order, and the deposit must be paid using a check or charge card. The balance is due on delivery and can be paid in cash as well.

Williamstown Massachusetts Customizing Your Perfect Pool Shed

Individualized Attention

Our design staff can work with you to determine your exact needs from a new outdoor structure.

Williamstown Massachusetts Another Little One on the Way? Make Room with a Shed.

Customized Designs

Create an ideal space for storage and functionality using a range of materials and layout options.

Williamstown Massachusetts The Benefits of a Handcrafted Shed

Quality Craftsmanship

Our utility structures are crafted to the Amish standard to deliver decades of reliable service.

Williamstown Massachusetts A Handmade Shed: The Perfect Solution

Fast Production

We can have your new garage ready for delivery within 4 weeks in most cases.

Williamstown Massachusetts Sheds to Suit Your Lifestyle

Onsite Delivery

We can ship your new structure directly to your property once fully completed.

Williamstown Massachusetts Sheds to Match Your Vision

Precision Positioning

Our SHED MULE delivery device allows hassle free placement of your structure.

The Garage: It's Not Just for Your Car Anymore
Williamstown Massachusetts Customs Sheds for Homeowners and Businesses

Doris A. Wright

I'm always finding a new use for the Workshop garage I decided on. It makes a great little outdoor storage unit and a convenient craft space for working on paintings and sculpture.

Williamstown Massachusetts Walls Closing in on You? A Shed is the Answer.

William T. Cole

The design team at Waterloo was a big help throughout the process. They suggested the Hi Barn to me due to my space needs, and I have to say it was the ideal suggestion for me.

We are the BEST choice for
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Information for Williamstown, Massachusetts

Williamstown , town (township), Berkshire county, northwestern Massachusetts, U.S., on the Hoosic River 21 miles (34 km) north of Pittsfield. Settled as West Hoosac in 1749, it was incorporated in 1765 and renamed for Colonel Ephraim Williams, killed in the French and Indian War (1754 - 63), who hadbequeathedmoney in his will to establish a 'free school' there provided the town bear his name. The school was opened in 1791 and chartered as Williams College in 1793. The town's Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute has a notable collection of Pierre-Auguste Renoir paintings and works by other French Impressionists. The town's life centres around the college; its economy is supplemented by services and tourism, attracted by the Williamstown Theater Festival and the Berkshire Hills resort area. Taconic Trail State Park and Hopkins Memorial Forest are major recreational sites. Area 47 square miles (122 square km). Pop. (2000) 8, 424; (2010) 7, 754.Chapin Hall, Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. SERSeanCrane

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Williamstown - When is it Imperative to Get a New Garage For Your Home? Articles

Wooden Garages: Advantages vs Disadvantages

We're lucky to have blazing sun at the moment, and to be honest, it feels like early summer rather than spring. When those back-doors are flung open again after the bitter, damp winter, the warm, fresh air seems to revitalize everything. Thoughts often then turn to new plants, landscaping works and possibly even the addition or replacement of sheds and garages. Done right, these garden structures can actually add to your oasis rather than detract from it. And, if you're looking at wooden garages, then the following article has a few tips!

Are you looking at constructing a new garage, but want to make sure you are selecting the right one for your home? Garages are rarely a consideration when someone purchases a home, beyond a quick glance to make sure it is there. So many homeowners are left building their own, or repairing/expanding one that isn't quite what they need.

Timber garages are becoming a more popular choice these days. But there are some pros and cons to the style.


More Environmentally Friendly

The first point is a big one for many people seeking a wooden structure. Obviously, deforestation is a major problem in the world. But it is no longer an obstacle to buying wood products. You can find plenty of slats of used wood that are in beautiful condition, and lessen your impact on the planet.

In addition, the stains and other chemicals used on the wood have been tweaked by many brands to offer a safer, healthier option to the old, environmentally damaging versions you may be used to.

Easier Repairs and Replacements

A steel garage might be less likely to be damaged in the short term, but it is hard to fix and can be impossible to replace full sections without having to cut out for more and weld in large slabs. With a wooden garage, it is easier to repair and replace portions in smaller jobs, and without nearly as much hassle.

You want your garage to last, after all.

Wood Looks Fantastic

Of course, one of the big appeals to a wooden garage is the way it looks. The wood gives it an antique, rustic image that can improve the overall appearance of the entire property. When you see a wooden door, it gives an air of an estate, even when it is especially small.

Aesthetically Merge with Gardens

Along with the overall look comes the way it merges with gardens. Those who have a large focus on their yard don't want an eyesore looming over it. A wooden garage is more attractive, by far. It melds in with the scenery, helping to improve it, rather than detracting from it.

Prefab Wood Garage Kits Are Simple to Put Up

Chances are you don't want to build your garage from scrap. You may be nervous about hiring a contractor, as well. The costs are definitely high for that kind of work, and you might run into some shady agencies that don't have your interests in mind, doing a bad job quickly and rushing off with your money before you can notice any problems.

Prefab kits are a great alternative to skilled labor. They are easier to put up, and wooden ones are even simpler than the metal varieties, and lighter.


There Is Upkeep Involved

If there is any complaint people have about wooden structures of any kind, it is the upkeep. Metal garages can pretty much be left alone. Wood has to be restrained and resealed every three to five years. You may have to occasionally recoil along any doors or windows. You will also have to check it regularly for pests, especially termites and worms that will be drawn to the wood.

However, if you keep up with that maintenance you will never have any problems.

Initial Pricing Can Be Steep

Steel garages are cheap, with the most expensive prefabs running around $2000, max. Wooden structures are more expensive, because the materials cost more to produce. You are going to be more around the $4000 - $5000 mark, on the median end.

But keep in mind this is an initial investment. The upkeep will be around $600 to $1000 every five years, maybe three years is you live in a particularly wet area. The cost isn't nearly so high long term as you may be fearing.

Can Be Less Sturdy Than Steel Alternatives

As has already been mentioned, steel tends to be sturdier than wood. It can dent, but it isn't likely to break. There isn't usually much upkeep, if any. Even if you ran into the garage door with your car, you would probably do more damage to the vehicle than the garage.

Wood, on the other hand, can crack, chip, and warp if not properly taken care of. Pests can damage the inside of the slabs, or burrow into the wood, creating a hidden infestation you may not be aware of until it is too late.

In the end, there are many pros to a wooden garage, but a couple of drawbacks. If you are willing to invest the money into the initial purchase, and then care for it the way it deserves, the pros far outweigh the cons.
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