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Building Your Garage

To automotive enthusiasts, craftsmen, hobbyists and others who rely on storage-optimized structures every day, a garage is much more than a place to pile your possessions. A well-designed garage can not only hold your most useful items, but enhance their utility, and at Waterloo we take a focus on developing and building garages that consistently meet this lofty but essential standard.

The Process              

When we work with you to create your custom built utility solution, you’ll be involved every step of the way. Our building experts will extensively analyze your needs in an effort to understand exactly what size, materials and designs will best suit your activities and even your lifestyle.

Single Car Garages

Waterloo builds a range of single car garage types, including the classic single car garage with a wide variety of material and profile options tailored to your personal style as well as its utility. We also build workshop garages for professional and amateur construction activities, a Hi Barn garage for added storage space, and the newest addition to our design lineup, the Addison Garage. Many of our single car garage models arrive on your property in a single piece, enabling faster installation as well as easy portability.

Dual Car Garages

We also offer an array of dual car garage designs for our clients with intensive storage needs. Our dual car garage options are fully modular, arriving fully assembled for the fastest possible on-site implementation, and include our standard modular dual car garage along with a raised roof variant for the most possible flexibility in storage. Our dual car garage options arrive on your property in halves, which are bolted together for permanent, reliable security.

Semi-Finished and Finished Garages

For millions of Americans, a garage is a sanctuary of relaxation and productivity as well as a highly cost effective storage solution, and for this reason Waterloo specializes in semi-finished and finished garage designs as well. Our refined garage options are built for comfort and style as well as utility, giving active individuals a place to truly call their own.

We can build our Truss Garage model directly on your pre-built concrete floor to create added space in your home, and we even provide a wooden floor option to give your new garage an even more polished appearance. Each of our garage options is tailored to your exact needs and specifications, so you’ll always get the exact structure to serve you when you bring your project to us.

Waterloo, Local Laws and You: Working Together

The garages we build are designed to deliver an affordable customized solution to a variety of storage and utility needs, and can be created with practically any profile and material, but your local zoning board may place restrictions on our building options. Be sure to clarify your local ordinances with a local official or other reliable resource before committing to one of our custom built structures.

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